The new version of MAC OS X, 10.10 (Yosemite) is expected to be released today, Thursday October 16th, and is currently incompatible with the ClearPass registration system and potentially other services at Rowan.

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The purpose of ClearPass is to ensure that all computers connected to the University network meet minimum security requirements before being granted access. This applies to all computers connecting to the University network, even if you have registered your system in the past. 

ClearPass will install the OnGuard agent, which performs constant checks to ensure the device is up to date. If the OnGuard agent is disabled, your computer will be blocked from accessing the Rowan Network.

Please run Software Update before installing the OnGuard agent.

The following instructions will help you register your MAC OS X computer for the Rowan network.

If you do not know your Rowan Network username and password go to:

Step-by-step guide

ROWAN Owned Computers: Most Rowan owned computers that are part of the Active Directory Domain will not need to go through this registration process. All personal computers will need to be registered in order to get on the Rowan Network


We recommend that Mac computers have a minimum of OS X 10.8  and run Software Update to install the latest updates before installing the ClearPass OnGuard agent. If your computer does not meet the minimum OS X recommendation of 10.8, please visit the Apple Upgrade Site for more information. 

Personal computers running any OS X operating system on the Rowan Network must have non-trial, licensed, fully updated Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware software installed.

NOTE: Rowan University offers McAfee Endpoint Security to students and employees for free to use on their personal computers.

Installation Package:

  • You can download and install this package from home before you get to campus in preparation for connecting to the new ClearPass Registration System.
  • If you are on campus, plug your computer into a wired connection, or connect it to the RowanSecure wireless network and login when prompted with your Rowan Network username and password.  

Download the ClearPass Installer and then follow the instructions below.


ClearPass Installer for Mac

If you are on campus and using the Wireless Network: (If your computer is connected to the wired network, you may skip this step)

  1. Click the Wifi icon on the menu bar 
  2. Connect to RowanSecure. 
  3. Enter your Rowan Network username and password and click "Join." If you do not know your Rowan Network username and password go to:

Installing the OnGuard Agent

(You can skip to step 4 if you have already downloaded the installation package through the link above)

1. Navigate to any webpage in your web browser.

2.  You will be automatically redirected to the OnGuard Portal Page.

3.  Click on the link to download the appropriate OnGuard Agent for your operating system.

4. Launch the downloaded package.

  5. Click "Continue".

6.  Click on “Continue”.

7.  Click "Continue".

8. Click "Agree".

9. Click "Install".

10. Click "Close".

11.  You will be prompted to login to the OnGuard Agent. Enter your Rowan Network username and password. (Just enter your username, without 'rowanads\' or '')

12. It will take a minute or so for OnGuard to authenticate and do a scan.

13. A scan will be run to verify that your computer meets our security policy. The current policy looks for recent Software updates.

Your computer should now be registered and able to connect to the Rowan wired or RowanSecure wireless network.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the OnGuard agent is disabled, your computer will be blocked from accessing the Rowan Network.