The new version of MAC OS X, 10.10 (Yosemite) is expected to be released today, Thursday October 16th, and is currently incompatible with the ClearPass registration system and potentially other services at Rowan.

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This article provides information on how to access and save your files to the Rowan network from Mac and Windows personal devices using ExpanDrive. This is especially useful for saving files to your home (H:) and common (O:) drives off campus with services such as RowanCloud and Citrix.


Information Resources & Technology has partnered with ExpanDrive to create a customized application that improves user experience while accessing and saving files remotely to the Rowan network from Mac and Windows personal devices. As a result, we have removed the functionality within Citrix applications to open files located on your personal device. This is necessary because local file access within a Citrix session can dramatically slow or even crash the remote application. ExpanDrive will allow you to easily transfer files to and from your device and the Rowan Network. 

ExpanDrive is a pre-configured application that mounts your H: and O: drives. It is only compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. If you are using another operating system, please connect to the Rowan University cloud file server using sftp at If you need assistance, please contact the Technology Support Center at 856.256.4400 or

 ExpanDrive for Mac OS

Select the link below to download ExpanDrive to your MAC.

ExpanDrive 6 for Mac

Next, double click the ExpanDrive file that you downloaded. Depending on how your Mac is configured this may be your Downloads or Desktop folder.


Select Open to launch ExpanDrive as shown below.


Enter your Rowan University username and password and select Connect.


Now your Home (H:) and Common (O:) drives are mounted in Finder. You can work with files on the Rowan network on your Mac. If you need to access a file using RowanCloud, copy it your H: drive or O: drive if you have write access.

ExpanDrive will start automatically if you reboot. If you wish to eject (unmount) your Rowan Network drives, select the up arrow as shown above.

 ExpanDrive for Windows

Select the link below to download ExpanDrive for Windows.

ExpanDrive 6 for PC

Right click on the zip file and select extract all and choose a desired path, then hit Extract.

Double click on the ExpanDrive6RowanPC.exe to install it.

The window will appear below that says "Starting ExpanDrive..."

Depending on how your Windows computer is configured User Account Control may ask you to allow ExpanDrive to install. Select "Yes."

Connect by typing your using your Rowan username and password in the appropriate fields and click Connect

Your H: and O: drives will mount on your Windows computer as the drive letter Z.

To quit ExpanDrive (dismount the Z Drive) right click on the taskbar icon and select "Quit ExpanDrive."

To open ExpanDrive go to the program menu and select ExpanDrive.