The new version of MAC OS X, 10.10 (Yosemite) is expected to be released today, Thursday October 16th, and is currently incompatible with the ClearPass registration system and potentially other services at Rowan.

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This article explains Information Resources & Technology's server hosting services, policies and pricing.

Table of Contents


Server Hosting Information

The role of Information Resources & Technology includes the design and management of all data and server infrastructure within Rowan University. This includes the administration and management of all devices attached to the Rowan University network that provide any type of network-accessible service. As a result, and in coordination with the Acceptable Use Policy, all servers connected to the Rowan Network must be managed by, or in coordination with, Network and System Services and comply with all applicable Network and System Services operational requirements, including access controls, management protocols, network restrictions, patching and security requirements.

Hosting Pricing Worksheet

Please use this worksheet in conjunction with this article to estimate your hosting costs and compare your options: Server Hosting Worksheet.xlsx

Virtual Server hosting

Information Resources & Technology maintains a VMWare based server virtualization infrastructure designed to meet a wide variety of operational requirements. Approximately 90 percent of the services managed by Information Resources & Technology are provisioned through this virtual environment. We currently support Windows 2008 R2 and Linux (typically CentOS, a RedHat based Linux distribution) as well as dedicated virtual appliances. In order to provide services fairly and consistently to departments throughout the University, Information Resources & Technology provides virtual servers on a chargeback basis.

Current Pricing

Pricing for virtual infrastructure services is based on a proportion of the overall cost of the infrastructure used to provide these services. This pricing is current as of Spring 2013.

FeatureAnnual Cost
Base VM, 2 or less cores, 2 or less gigs of memory, less than 30GB HD$750
Each additional virtual CPU core$75
Each additional gigabyte of memory


Each additional gigabyte of storage, pre-summer 2013 pricing$2 as provisioned
Each additional gigabyte of storage, preliminary post summer 2013 pricing$1.25

Other pricing arrangements may be available by special arrangement.  

University-wide services supported by groups outside IRT will generally not incur costs for infrastructure components (i.e., servers used by Web Services to support the university website)

Compare pricing with Amazon or Rackspace

Managed Physical Server Hosting

For services that are not suitable to a virtualized environment, IRT can work with you to purchase physical servers that will be housed in one of our data centers. Arrangements for physical server procurement and management vary widely based on user needs. Please contact for more information.

  • All hardware covered under Managed Server Hosting must be under full hardware support from the original vendor.
  • All systems managed under this program must be specified and purchased in coordination with IRT.

Physical Server hosting and management pricing

FeatureAnnual Cost
Rack Space 1U$100

Server Management - per node

  • Includes all services listed under Server Management Policies

Backup Services - systems over 2TB usable storage

  • Requires that IRT is managing the server
  • Based on a standard full weekly / daily differential schedule
  • Includes standard NSS retention policies


Storage Management - DAS over 2TB

  • Requires that IRT is managing the server
  • < 2TB falls under base Server Management costs




Server DescriptionComponentAnnual CostTotal Annual Cost
1U HP DL360Rack Space$100 
Server Management$100 
Backup Services < 2TB$0 
Storage Management < 2TB$0 

HPC System

1 4U Server with 12TB Raw Storage

8 Compute nodes in 6 U

Rack Space (10 U)$1000 
Server Management (9 Nodes)$900 
Backup Services (~10TB Usable)$250 
Storage Management (10 TB over 2TB Base)$250 


Co-location Services (Unmanaged Server Hosting)

By special arrangement, Information Resources & Technology may provide colocation services for clients with specific needs that fall outside of our normal range of services.

  • Prices vary and will be determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • For servers using our colocation service, IRT will provide:
    • Cooling
    • Physical Security
    • Network Connectivity
    • UPS power 
  • The client is responsible for all aspects of server management:
    • Operating system
    • Patching
    • Application Management
    • Remote maintenance
    • Backups
    • Troubleshooting of access/network/system configurations
  • Physical access to the server requires an escort into the data center by Information Resources & Technology personnel. You may contact to request a physical access appointment.
  • Clients are responsible for transporting their servers to and from the appropriate data center. IRT staff will rack and unrack the servers.
  • Colocation includes one 1000BaseT network connection per server.

Co-location Service Pricing

FeatureAnnual Cost
Rack Space 1U$150
10G Network ConnectionTBD

University-wide services supported by groups outside IRT will generally not incur colocation costs (i.e., facilities infrastructure services).

Included Support Services

Servers managed by Information Resources & Technology include the following:

  • Hosting in one of our environmentally controlled, UPS backed, secured, monitored data centers
  • Regular backups of your data
  • High speed (1 - 10GB) connections to the Rowan Network
  • Contingent on approval, Internet accessible services hosted on your server (i.e., web servers, media servers, etc.)
  • Virtual servers include underlying physical server upgrades over time as the hosting environment receives upgrades
  • Virtual servers include redundancy protecting against failure of the underlying server - if a physical server fails the VM will be initialized on another physical server
  • Additional redundancy and fault protection for virtual servers is available by special arrangement
  • Management and patching of your server operating system (Windows, Linux) and standard application stacks (IIS, SQL Server, Apache/LAMP), user management (AD/LDAP integrated)

Server Management Policies

  • Information Resources & Technology will manage your host operating system, including standard applications such as IIS or Apache as well user management, group management, firewall configurations, patch management, package management and Active Directory integration. Virtualized server users are not permitted to modify these configurations and should limit their change to the application itself. 
  • As a virtual machine application administrator or managed hosting server user or application administrator, the user is responsible for installing, managing, updating and handling the overall configuration of any applications hosted on their server. While Information Resources & Technology will handle all of the underlying components of the environment the application that sits on top of the operating system is strictly the domain of the end user department or their designated representative (i.e., a software vendor with a support contract for a given application, EIS personnel, etc.).
  • Except by special arrangement, servers hosted in one model may not transition to another during their lifetime. If you opt for unmanaged hosting (colocation) for your devices, you cannot switch those same devices to managed hosting. Similarly, if you opt for managed hosting of physical servers you are committed to that arrangement for the lifetime of those servers.