The new version of MAC OS X, 10.10 (Yosemite) is expected to be released today, Thursday October 16th, and is currently incompatible with the ClearPass registration system and potentially other services at Rowan.

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Information Resources & Technology has implemented an IT Acquisition policy and procedure for requesting any information technology need, including software, hardware, IT consulting and IT services.

As part of the procedure, a team of IRT managers and staff will review each request to ensure that all information technology resources purchased within the University are compatible with the University's existing technology and in compliance with security requirements and regulations. 

Following this procedure will also allow IRT to effectively provide the support and services required for each new approved information technology resource implemented on all campuses.

For questions regarding the process, contact For any additional assistance with obtaining quotes or questions regarding technology orders, contact

Login Request

To submit a request in Banner Self Service, click on the button or links below:

IT Acquisition Request Forms for Software and Hardware

IT Acquisition Campus Initial Review, Meeting Scheduling and Campus Approval

IT Acquisition Approval Reports for Department Heads, Deans, VPs, SOM/CFO, IRT VP/CIO

Policies & Procedures

Due to a new mandate for vendor audits by the IRT Information Security Office and license compliances that the University must adhere to, IRT is now required to review all renewals for software and hardware licenses and contracts via the IT Acquisition process.

Software & Hardware License Renewals

Due to a new mandate for vendor audits by the IRT Information Security Office and license compliances that the University must adhere to, IRT is now required to review all renewals for software and hardware licenses and contracts via the IT Acquisition process.

How to Order a Request

Requests for the acquisition of IT Resources will be submitted using the IT Acquisition Requests option in the IT Reporting and Services menu section of Banner Self Service. This Banner web form should be completed by the requesting department’s support person (secretary, administrative assistant, clerk).



Log on to Banner Self Service (


On this screen, select one of the options presented and click I Agree:

Now log in with your Banner ID and PIN to access the online form:


Complete each section of the form and provide details including justification, quotes and any legal contracts or statement of work documents for review. Incomplete form submissions will result in a delay in the decision making process. Note: The form must be fully completed before any requisition is entered in Banner for order processing.

 Select the Create button when complete.

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Once the initial request is completed, the requestor, the campus review team and IRT staff are notified via e-mail.

 An appropriate decision will be made within 10 business days of receipt of your request.

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When the Campus Review Team makes a decision, the department head (and the Dean if this is an ongoing expense) is notified by email with instructions to complete their approvals in Banner Self Service. Until this step is completed, the request will not move forward.

 The Department Head or Dean/VP will complete the approval by selecting the link provided in the email, or by logging on to Banner Self Service (
 After logging into Banner Self Service, select IT Reporting and Services from the main menu
 Then select IT Acquisition Approvals

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The last step to the process includes the final decision from the IRT SVP/CIO based on the following:

a) Approved: Order can now be entered in Banner as a requisition

b) Declined: Does not apply (something entered that does not apply to the policy)

c) Declined: Order cannot be entered in Banner

When the final decision has been made, an email will be forwarded to the requestor with the purchasing form attached letting them know they can now enter their requisition into Banner for processing.

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The requestor enters the requisition on Banner

Open the .pdf file (see form sample below) attached to the above email

The requestor must complete the form (see below)

Save the completed form

Forward the email above, with the attached completed form, to Purchasing

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Excluded Technology

Technology items that are excluded from the IT Acquisition Policy approval process include the following:

Fewer than three Apple or Lenovo Rowan supported desktops/laptops

Tablet computers/iPads without cellular service activation
(quantity of 5 or less)

  • Each iPad must be assigned to an individual faculty/staff person and this information must be noted on the purchase order for processing.  There is no sharing of iPads per the iPad Use Policy
  • If there is a request for departmental iPad sharing, the IT acquisition process must be followed.
  • If requesting an iPad with cellular service, you must first complete the iPad Cellular Data Activation Policy

HP laserjet printers (any other brands need IT Acquisition approval)

Monitors, keyboards, mice, hard drives, flash drives, cables,

Projectors, scanners, fax/copy machines, digital cameras,

To order any of these items, visit Request a Quote

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Request a Quote

To request a quote for the excluded technology items, click here.

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