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Criteria for Converting Analog Video to Digital Video

Rowan University adheres to copyright laws and will not duplicate or convert analog media to a digital format unless the following conditions are met and documented:

  • If you are the creator of the analog media and have not assigned copyright to someone else, then, as the copyright owner, you may have the media converted.
  • If a digital copy of the media exists, it should be purchased.
  • If a digital copy does not exist, then the copyright owner should be contacted for written permission to change the media from analog to digital. To locate the copyright holder, contact the video's distributor. If the copyright owner cannot be determined, try visiting the IMDb website, which lists information about copyright owners of feature films, film shorts and television programs. Enter the movie, or television show name, and scroll down to the company credits and obtain contact information to seek written permission. Another option is to search online for the film's title to see if the film has its own webpage with contact information. In addition, the Copyright Clearance Center may be contacted to see if anyone lays claim to the copyright. If so, written permission from them should be sought.
  • If none of the above work, only the portion of the analog copy that is essential to the class may be converted. That single copy may only be used for face-to-face instruction or for transmission consistent with the TEACH Act.
  • Media recorded from an on-air broadcast may not be converted. Copyright law states that this type of media may only be kept for 45 days and used once in a class during that time.

Contact Academic Technology for Assistance


If your media conversion request falls within the limitations of the criteria on this page, please contact Academic Technology for assistance.

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