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Creating a Test

To create a test go to Control Panel > Course Tools > Tests, Surveys and Pools > Tests > Build Test

Give the Test a name (required) and then add a description (optional) and instructions (optional) and click Submit.

Blackboard will give you three options for adding questions to your test, Create Question, Reuse Question and Upload Questions.

Select Create Question to create a brand new question.

After selecting the type of question, add the question text, point value, provide the correct answer and feedback (if desired). When finished click Submit . Then repeat this process until you have finished making all your questions and click OK.

If you have already created questions you would like to use select Reuse Question > Find Questions and then either pull from a block, pool or previously created test.

After selecting Reuse Question select whether you wish to copy selected questions or link to original questions. Copying allows you to make distinct changes to the questions in your tests while linking to original questions allows you to edit that question within this test and in its original location simultaneously.

Your computer will produce a pop-up window displaying all the questions in all tests, surveys, and pools within your site. To narrow down your results to the desired question(s) click on the double down arrows for the various Criteria (Pools, Tests, Question Type, Categories, Topics, Level of Difficulty or Keywords) to select only the necessary locations.

Check the box(es) for the locations you wish to include and deselect the content you wish to omit. Then on the display screen check off the questions you wish to include in your pool. Click Submit when finished.

If you wish to create randomized blocks of questions select Reuse Question > Create Question Set to pull questions from all tests and pools in your site.

Create Random Block should only be used if you only wish to pull questions from previously created Pools.

Upload Questions should only be used if you have exported questions from Blackboard or if you have created a file in the correct format. Due to the difficulty of authoring questions offline in the appropriate format, we do not recommend uploading questions.

Deploying a Test

When the test is completed and ready to be deployed for students, go to the location (Assignments/Course Documents/Folder) where you would like the test to be added.  Click on Create Assessment >  Test

Under the Add Test menu select the Test you previously created and click Submit.  

On the next screen under 2) Test Availability set up when the test should be available, number of attempts students are allowed and timing. Please note that unless Make this Link Available is checked the test will NOT display for students. To set specific display dates for students use the Display After/ Display Until boxes.

Under 3) Due Date you have the option to indicate when a test should be taken. Please note that this date does not affect the availability of the test you set up under Test Availability.

Under 4) Self-Assessment Options select if the test should be recorded in the Grade Center by checking the box for " Include this Test in Grade Center Score Calculations". If the test is only for practice or self-evaluation purposes, check the box for "Hide Results for this Test Completely from Instructor and the Grade Center" which will not record the attempt in any way beyond the temporary results screen displayed when a test is completed.

Under 5) Test Feedback check off what should display once a student has completed a test. Score is the only option checked by default.

Under 6) Test Presentation select how the test should display while students are taking it. If students will be taking a test/quiz in class Randomize Questions can be a useful tool to ensure academic integrity.

Once the test has been taken by students, if it is set to auto-grade, you can view results in the Grade Center. Go to Control Panel >  Grade Center > Tests.

Editing a Test

To edit a test once it has been deployed click on the double down arrows next to the test name

Select Edit the Test to edit the test questions and Edit the Test Options to change test availability and feedback.

Please note that once students have begun taking a test you will only be able to make minor textual changes through Edit the Test. Edit the Test Options are always available regardless of the status of a test.

Clearing a Test Attempt

In the event that a test needs to be resubmitted and only one attempt is permitted by the test settings, you will need to clear the previous attempt in order for the student to retake the test. 

Go to the Test in the Grade Center and click the double down arrows and select View Grade Details for the submission you want to change.

Then select Clear Attempt. You will receive a prompt asking if you want to "delete the attempt." Click OK and the submission will be deleted. The Grade History tab however will keep a record that this was done although the submission and all recorded answers were deleted.

Viewing Test Results

Go to Control Panel > Grade Center > Tests

This will display all test submissions in your Grade Center in a smart view.

To view results individually click on the double down arrows to the right of a submission and select View Grade Details.

On the next screen click on View Attempt to see the student's test and submitted answers. You can also make changes to the points assigned to each question.

To view the complete results of a Test go to the column for the survey in the Grade Center. Click on the double down arrows next to the Test name and select Download Results.

On the Download Results menu the default for the format is Tab and By User and Valid Attempts are the included data. You do not need to adjust these selections. Select Click to Download Results.  You can select to open this file with Microsoft Excel using the Open With tool on your computer and then view/save the file in this format.

Test results can also be viewed by question with a breakdown of percentages for each answer. To do this go to Control Panel > Grade Center click on the double down arrows next to the Survey name and select Attempt Statistics. This will display a screen with all the survey questions with the percent answered for each response.