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This article discusses using email within blackboard.


Email in Blackboard

Sending Email

To send an email through Blackboard go to Control Panel > Course Tools > Send Email. If you have a Send Email button in your Course Menu, you can also just click on Send Email.

In the Send Email Menu select the category of users you want to email. You can also choose Select Users to send mail to specific individuals in the course site.

Please note that the email function in Blackboard does not have an inbox or outbox so there is no record of any correspondence sent through it. However, as the sender you will always receive a copy of your email. If you also check the box for Return Receipt you will receive a copy of the message with a list of the recipients at the top.

Once an email has been sent, a green bar will appear at the top of your Blackboard screen confirming who the email was sent to.

Limiting Use of Email for Students

If you are concerned about having students sending non-course related emails to one another (advertisements for events, spam, etc.) you can partially or fully disable this tool.

To disable email entirely: go to Control Panel > Tools > Send Email and click on the Hide Link button next to it. As the course instructor you can still email the class but students will not be able to access this tool for their own use.

To limit email to course instructors and TAs go to Control Panel > Customization > Tool Availability and click on the double down arrows under Email and select Email Settings. Then check off the boxes for All Instructor Users and All Teaching Assistant Users. Students will then only be able to contact instructors and TAs via Blackboard email.