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TitleIRT Project Management

In addition to Information Resources & Technology's day-to-day network, security and data responsibilities, our team oversees large-scale technology projects throughout the University. Our project managers ensure major initiatives — like equipping new buildings with the latest network and classroom technology and providing medical clinics with systems to better serve patients — are effectively and efficiently executed.

Here you will find a list of our current and recently completed projects. Questions? Contact us at or 856-256-4401.


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TitleNetwork Redesign

We have launched a multi-year program that will provide the University with a faster, more secure network that is designed to serve a growing population, handle an ever-increasing amount of data and safeguard the University against security threats.

More than 40 major initiatives will be rolled out as part of the network redesign project.

Two of those initiatives that were recently completed include the more than quadrupling of internet bandwidth and the addition of a second internet service provider to keep the University’s network running if one service fails.

The University's internet connection was increased from 3 gigabits per second to 5 gigabits per second in 2016 and was further boosted to 12 13 gigabits per second in 2017, giving students, faculty and staff the ability to send and receive more information at faster speeds.

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The Rowan Identity Management System (RIMS) is an online tool to store and maintain organizational details including every employee’s title, department, supervisor’s name and contact information. This system is required to grant employee access to University resources. 

RIMS went live to a pilot group that included IRT, Human Resources and Finance on April 10.

Additional departments and colleges will be invited to participate in RIMS throughout the spring and summer, as information about all employees is expected to be entered into RIMS by fall 2017.

RIMS will be the University’s one-stop source for storing organizational data, creating organizational charts and managing employee access.

By keeping up-to-date information in the system, the University will be able to promptly and effectively manage employee security access to University resources. 

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TitleBanner 9

In order to offer the University the latest tools and maintain technical support for Banner from outside vendors, we are upgrading to Banner 9. This upgrade is being implemented in multiple phases.

One of the first steps in this process was completed in 2017, when Internet Native Banner users started using Banner 9 administrative pages. That change was required because Oracle discontinued its support for Oracle forms in Banner as of Dec. 31, 2016.

Ellucian, the company that maintains Banner, also plans to discontinue all technical support for Banner 8 on Dec. 31, 2018. That means the University will need to completely upgrade to Banner 9 administrative pages and applications.

We are taking the necessary steps to ensure students, faculty and staff will have access to the enhanced Banner system, and will be implementing the required upgrades over the course of 2017 and 2018.

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We launched a new service management platform in spring 2017. The ServiceNow platform will allow us to provide the University with a more efficient technical support experience.

Throughout the coming year, we will be adding more services to the portal and increasing the inventory of self-help knowledge articles.

Our goal is that the portal will become the single online destination you visit for help, support and solutions for all of the technology services you need. 

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TitleWiFi Upgrades in Dorms

In coordination with Residential Learning and University Housing, we continue to implement improvements to the wireless network infrastructure in residence halls throughout campus.

More than $220,000 in technology was replaced and installed over the 2016-2017 winter break inEvergreen, Laurel, Mullica and Oak halls and the Edgewood Park Apartments.

We also completed wireless network improvements in the Townhouses during summer 2017, and we have similar wireless improvements underway at the Rowan Boulevard Apartments.

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Enterprise Task Manager (ETM) gives Rowan Medicine staff the ability to process patient services items (claim processing, insurance verification, etc.) in a more efficient fashion by providing a centralized platform for issue resolution.

ETM is being implemented in multiple workflows. Six workflows have been completed and one workflow is in progress. An additional workflow is targeted for late 2017. 

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TitleNetwork Consulting

We are working with Glassboro Public Schools to review the school system’s current network infrastructure and recommend ways to improve the network’s reliability and performance.

We are also assessing staffing levels to determine if they are sufficient to implement and support current programs and services.

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Rowan Medicine is currently working to participate in a local Accountable Care Organization (ACO). ACOs work together on a voluntary basis to provide the highest quality, coordinated care to their Medicare patients. 

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The New Jersey Immunization Information System (NJIIS) is the state's official immunization registry. Participation in NJIIS allows Rowan Medicine to provide immunizations to those in need free of charge.

Several Rowan Medicine sites recently completed their activation with NJIIS, and several more are targeted to be completed in 2017.

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TitlePatient Portal Upgrade

Upgrading Rowan Medicine’s Patient Portal will provide additional features used for secure communication between providers and patients. 

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TitleCPOE Redesign

The Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) redesign will enhance Rowan Medicine providers’ ability to bill for services while accurately documenting the patient’s level of care in the Electronic Medical Records system. 

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TitleCampus Security

We are involved in multiple efforts to bolster security on campus to help protect the University community and safeguard the University’s buildings and information.


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TitlePhone System Upgrade

We upgraded the University's phone network in order to equip all campuses with a unified communications system that offers security, resiliency and scalability.

This project, which included updating software and licensing agreements on each campus, was completed on the Camden and Stratford campuses before launching in Glassboro in spring 2017.

The implementation phase of this project was completed on May 18 when the phone system upgrade rolled out to the last group of buildings in Glassboro.

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TitleNew Buildings

Two new academic buildings opened on the Glassboro campus in January 2017 for the William G. Rohrer College of Business and the Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering.

We equipped both facilities with high-tech platforms to support the work of students, faculty, researchers and entrepreneurs, with more than $1.2 million invested in installing network and classroom technology in both Engineering Hall and Business Hall.

We oversaw the installation of all network and security infrastructure for the latest phase of the Rowan Boulevard project, the A3 development, which opened in August 2017.

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TitleCampus TV Upgrade

In order to provide students with the ability to watch cable television programming on nearly any type of device, we deployed a new streaming service over the 2016-2017 winter break.

The television system upgrade also allowed us to provide the entire University with a new cable TV package that features a wide selection of news, entertainment and sports channels.

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TitleInfrastructure Upgrades

We recently completed multiple infrastructure upgrades, including replacing the technology that powers the heart of the University's network.

We also installed multiple backup systems and security measures on the network to ensure research projects and entrepreneurial ventures are conducted in a secure, managed environment that is available day or night.

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TitleSOM Network Upgrade

We overhauled and modernized the network and phone systems at the Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine.

This work included upgrading the school's phone system to provide an integrated communications platform at a savings to the University, as well as replacing and upgrading hardware that stores sensitive clinical data to provide increased capacity, reliability and performance.

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TitlePreferred Name Policy

We helped implement a policy that enables students to provide a preferred name in Banner for University systems that do not require the use of a legal name.

These systems include Campus Directory, Rowan Card, class lists and grade reports, advising lists, Blackboard, Canvas and the Rowan Success Network, among others.

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TitleMobile Charge Capture

The Mobile Charge Capture project allowed Rowan Medicine providers to capture charges for patient visits using a mobile device when delivering patient services outside of the Rowan practice offices. 

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TitleAutomated Clinical Messaging

Automated Clinical Messaging provided Rowan Medicine with the ability to send predefined secure health related messages to patients via Rowan’s Patient Portal. 

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CareManager provided Rowan Medicine with population health management tools that target improvements in the quality of patient care by including analytics for patient screening and notifications and extensive provider performance measurements. 

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TitleHealth Checks

The goal of the Health Checks project was to deliver continued support to Rowan Medicine providers in the use of our Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system. Proficiency and efficiency in the use of the EMR by providers can translate to better and more efficient provision of quality care to the patient. 

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TitleRed Flags

The Red Flags Rule is a set of federal regulations that requires health care organizations and other businesses to protect their customers from identity theft. Rowan Medicine’s implementation of Red Flags provides increased security for patients’ protected health information and billing information when they visit a Rowan Medicine practice office. The process requires the patient to provide proof of identity and to answer challenge questions before being provided medical services. 

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CampusLogic is an application that the University uses to conduct financial aid verifications.

Launching this application required the installation and implementation of two new servers. A test version of this application was launched on March 10 and the application went live on April 4.

CampusLogic also allows students to directly upload required documents and enables paperless file reviews, highlights conflicting information for verification and automates follow-up text messages and emails to students. 

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TitleeCommerce Implementation

eCommerce Implementation was a project that involved researching University Ticketing and other possibilities for eCommerce for the University Committee.