The new version of MAC OS X, 10.10 (Yosemite) is expected to be released today, Thursday October 16th, and is currently incompatible with the ClearPass registration system and potentially other services at Rowan.

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Please take the following steps to start training on

  • Click this link:
  • Enter your Rowan Network username and password
  • Create a profile
  • Complete the recommended course: "How to Use" by Garrick Chow

Please consult our user guide for more information about navigating, creating playlists and accessing on a mobile device.

About is an online training library that Rowan employees and students can access for free. offers 24/7 online access to thousands of training videos for software like Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe Photoshop and even Pinterest and Twitter. The training videos can be viewed anywhere you have internet access and there are videos available for all skill levels. Most training videos also come with exercise files that allow you to follow along with the lively and interesting instructors.

The Online Training Library® is also available on the free iPhone and iPad App.

List of Available Courses 

Attention Faculty is also available for students! IRT Training Services can provide more information for your students. Please email for details.

How to Access via iPhone or iPad App

To access on an iPhone or iPad, please take the following steps:

  • From the App store, install the free iPad or iPhone app
  • Launch the app on your device
  • From the login window, select "Web Portal Access"
  • Enter URL: and choose go
  • Enter your Rowan Network username and password

Questions or Comments?

Please direct questions or comments regarding to IRT Training Services at

Check out these online resources for additional information:


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