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This page provides information about Blogs, Journals & Wikis in Blackboard.



About Blogs and Journals

A blog is a website that is designed to be frequently updated by instructors or by one or more students. Entries in a blog are usually displayed in reverse-chronological order.

Blogs can be used for short, regular writing assignments that students are sharing with classmates, such as reading responses or commentary on current events and trends.

Journals look similar to blogs but are private between an individual student and the instructor. Journal entries also display in reverse-chronological order. Journals are often used for personal reflections, either on course work or outside experiences, such as clinicals or practicums.

About Wikis

A wiki is a website composed of one or more pages that allows people to add and edit content collectively. Your wiki starts off with one page: the homepage. You can add new pages at any time and link them together.

Wikis can be used by instructors to share information that needs more flexibility than Blackboard itself provides. They also are great for presenting collaborative group projects or creating a class knowledge base.