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What is Uniprint?     

A: Uniprint is the campus-wide software-based laser printing solution provided as a cost-effective solution to give student users high-quality, affordable laser printing. It is made by a company called Pharos.

Who can use Uniprint?

A: Any Full Time RU student, can print in any lab where Uniprint is available (see below).

Note:  You must have a valid Rowan ID card. 

Where is Uniprint available?       

A: Uniprint Laser printing is available at various locations on campus including:

  • Mimosa Hall First Floor
  • Rowan Hall First Floor
  • Campbell Library DLC
  • Campbell Library Rm 218
  • Bozorth 132
  • Bunce Hall 156
  • Education Hall First Floor
  • Wilson 109
  • Campbell Library 240

  • CMSRU Library Commons

  • Robinson Hall 3rd Floor 311P

How much does it cost?

A: Every student receives a $40 initial credit each year in their Rowan Uniprint account. Printing costs are:

  •  Regular laser prints = $0.10 ea.

How do I put money into my Uniprint Account?       

A: You can place funds into your Uniprint account by using your Rowan Card at the university Bursar’s Office. Or if you just continue to swipe with No Uniprint balance left on your card, it will be deducted from your Rowan Card balance. You may also use the Bursar’s Online system:

Can I put funds (money) into another user's Uniprint account?

 A: No.

How do I get a refund?

A: Refunds will be handled on a case by case basis,  but in general there are no refunds only reprints. Please see any on duty lab monitor to reprint a document that has failed in some way. Users should make doubly-sure that the print job looks the way they want BEFORE they print. Reprints will not be provided for user-induced formatting issues. However if the printer malfunctions (low toner, streaks in printout, blank pages, etc.) a reprint will be provided as long as a monitor or other support member is made aware within 30 minutes of sending the failed job. If the Failure IS valid,  we will refund any charges the user incurs.

  How can I check my Uniprint balance or transaction history?

A: Any student can check their balance at any of the Uniprint Kiosks around campus,  or at the Bursar’s Rowan ID site:

Can non-students (faculty, staff, etc.) print in the labs using Uniprint?

 A: No. Please see a lab monitor for help.

What about color laser printing?

A: Color laser printing is now available in Duplicating in Memorial Hall and in the Westby printing lab.

Can I print from one Lab and pick it up in another?

A: Yes,  All of the Open Labs that have a Uniprint Kiosk are connected.  You may pick you job up in any lab within 120 minutes of printing.

Can I use my own paper?

A: We strongly request that you only use our paper in the printers to avoid damage to the printers. We do not issue reprints for printing problems when users opt to use their own paper instead of ours. Using your own paper is done at your own risk.

Can I print on transparencies?        

A: No. All transparencies are banned due to the potential of harm to the printer fuser unit. Transparency printing can be done at the Duplicating Center. 

What about printing from my personal laptop or computer?        

A: Please see instructions for the Off-Campus Print Queue.

What if the network goes down?

A: As with any networked printer, when the network goes down all printing services stop on that printer until the network comes back online. However you can print the jobs you sent to a given printer on any other open lab printer.

When I graduate, or transfer, can I get a refund from my Uniprint account?

A: No. Uniprint funds are "use it or lose it" funds. We encourage every user to "print like crazy" in order to use up any funds you may have in your Uniprint account before you graduate or transfer to another school.

What happens to my balance at the end of each semester?

A: Any funds above your initial allocation in your Uniprint account will be carried forward to the next semester.

  I noticed extra money in my Uniprint account. Where did it come from?

A: Certain departments, programs and colleges have paid for additional funds to be placed into their students' Uniprint accounts. In most cases, these funds are use it or lose it, and are non-accumulating.

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