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ASA collects and analyzes a wide range of data about the University, including information on student enrollment, student satisfaction, graduation rates and financial aid. That information is available in a number of formats, including online dashboards and official reports.

If you are not able to find the data you need on this website, please submit a request to ASA.

Dashboards | Common Data Set | 10th Day Snapshot | Institutional Census | Surveys | Special Publications | College Affordability and Transparency Center | N.J. College Student and Parent Consumer Information Act


Dashboards are visual displays that organize and present complicated and comprehensive data sets in an easy-to-understand and digestible format. ASA’s interactive dashboards also allow in-depth analysis of data based on various parameters. You can select filters to view specific subsets of data or compare information.

ASA offers the University access to both public and private dashboards. You do not need special authorization to access public dashboards. Public dashboards do not allow users to drill down to specific data points but provide a broad overview of information regarding the University. With private dashboards, you can access more detailed and personal information.

For information about accessing private dashboards, please contact Bharathwaj Vijayakumar at

Please see the dashboard navigator to access all currently available public and private dashboards.

Common Data Set

The Common Data Set provides answers to frequently asked questions that are used by outside publications like College Board, Peterson's and U.S. News & World Report to report statistics on colleges and universities. The Common Data Set is a collaborative effort aimed at improving the quality and accuracy of information about higher education institutions in the United States.

The figures in the Common Data Set represent a snapshot of data taken on the 10th day of the fall semester.

Please click on the year of the Common Data Set you'd like to view.

10th Day Snapshot

The University pulls data on the 10th day of the fall and spring semesters to provide a snapshot of student enrollment.

If you have a Cognos account, please visit the University's Cognos Dashboard to view all 10th Day Snapshots. If you do not have access to Cognos, please email to request an account.

Note: If you are off-campus, you must first connect to the University's VPN to access the Cognos Dashbaord.

Institutional Census

ASA compiles University statistics used for assessment, state and federal reporting, publications and other official reports. These statistics are recorded on the 10th day of the fall semester.

Those statistics are available in reports through Cognos, a web-based application. If you have a Cognos account, then click on the link of the report you want and log in using your Rowan credentials to view it. If you do not have a Cognos account, please submit a request to

These detailed reports include information about enrollment headcount, freshman statistics, graduation, retention, degrees conferred, personnel, student demographics, cost of attendance, accreditations and more.

View the 2015/2016 report in Cognos.

College Affordability & Transparency Center

The U.S. Department of Education designed the College Affordability and Transparency Center to provide better information to parents and students about college costs. The center allows users to compare college tuition and fees, net price and other characteristics.

The following resources are available at the College Affordability and Transparency Center:


In addition to conducting its own surveys, ASA also offers the University access to a web-based survey tool called Qualtrics. With Qualtrics, students, faculty and staff have the ability to collect data for research projects or to assess user satisfaction with programs or services. Visit our Surveys page for more information about Qualtrics.

Have a survey request? Please fill out the ASA Request form.

The following surveys, which were conducted and analyzed by ASA, are available:

First Destination Survey

No Deposit Survey

  • 2016 (Login required)

To view the Freshman Survey and National Survey of Student Engagement, visit the Restricted Surveys page. You must be logged into Confluence in order to access that page.

Special Publications

In addition to the institutional reporting ASA conducts on a regular basis, the office also develops special publications on a variety of high-level topics. As New Jersey considered a restructuring of higher education in the state several years ago, ASA compiled a report that outlined the University's vision for a health sciences campus in Camden. The report demonstrated the benefits such a development would have in serving southern New Jersey's aging population, providing access to education to an in-demand discipline and filling a shortfall of trained health care workers.

Other special publications include reports on the University's strategic plans for growth in the next decade and the University's partnership with Gloucester County College.

N.J. College Student and Parent Consumer Information Act

The New Jersey College Student and Parent Consumer Information Act (P.L. 2009, Chapter 197) requires that each New Jersey four-year public college and university prepare and make available to the public an annual report. The purpose of the the Act is “to maximize the awareness of students and their families of the costs associated with enrollment in the institution, the institution’s success in ensuring the graduation of its students, and the composition of the teaching faculty that a student will encounter." Each institution is required to display on its website "comprehensive information on the cost of attendance, the graduation rates of admitted students, and the faculty of the institution." The information here contains the data elements required of Rowan University, as determined by New Jersey Higher Education.

Rowan University's NJ College Student and Parent Consumer Information Act Report

Comparative information for Rowan, as well as the other New Jersey four-year public institutions of higher education, are available on the state's higher education website.


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