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Banner 9 Finance Information and New Manual

See Banner 9 Training Videos, FAQ and more below.

Banner 9 Ellucian HUB Account

As of March 6, 2017, INB users will see an updated look to Banner. INB users should register for an Ellucian Hub account to become familiar with the new look and navigation. Please see the Banner 9 page for more information.

In addition, right click and download the Navigating Banner 9 Quick Reference Guide.pdf.

Banner 9 Finance Information and New Manual

View in Chrome or right click and save the pdf to your computer, and then open it.

*New* Banner 9 User Manual- Updated February 12, 2018

Other Banner Finance Resources

Banner 9 vs INB

Banner 9 Finance - Current Known Glitches

  1. In Receiving – when receiving a standing order, in the screen when you select the line item, it shows Quantity instead of dollar amount and dollar amount received.
  2. IN FGIOENC - Doesn't allow you to see more than one fund at a time (Use INB for this).

Banner 9 Issues Update

If you had previously entered an issue with Banner 9 in the survey, you can see the updates here:

If something is wrong with a Banner 9, a form is not working properly, etc. please send the information to

If you are not sure how to do something in Banner 9, please contact the support desk -

Banner 9 FAQ


  1. Printing out budgets - FGIBDST - try using Chrome or go download the budget to Excel and then print it. Go to Tools - Export and the Excel sheet will quickly pop up at the bottom of your screen
  2. Delete a receiving by putting the receiving code in, next section Delete and Delete again.
  3. You get to the new Banner 9 by going to Look for Banner 9 Administrative Pages and Login.
  4. How do you put Document Text in a Requisitions? 

    • After you put in your email, phone, ship code and Attn to
    • Select Related at the top right
    • Select Document Text
    • Select the green Go 
    • Enter your text 
    • Select your down arrow on your keyboard to add more lines
    • Once you are finished, select save at the bottom right
    • Select the white X at the top left to close
    • Then you will be back to your requisition page
  5. How do you add more lines to the commodity or a FOAPAL in a Requisition?  Don’t use the insert button.  Use your Down arrow on your keyboard to add more items in the commodity section, and also when you are in the FOAPAL section, use your down arrow to add another FOAPAL.

  6. If you have forms that used to fit on one page, and now they are too big and you have to scroll, try decreasing the zoom on the web browser.
  7. Make sure that you are in Live Production, not PATCH, when you want to do real work. Remember that PATCH was just for practice and is that link I sent to everyone before we went live.  It is still available for practice, but nothing real will happen when you use it.  For instance if you place a requisition in PATCH you will never get those items. If you use Banner 9 Live Production you will get your items and your receiving will be real.

  8. Vendor search tips:

    1. Use the filter for "Last Name" when looking up a vendor within the requisition.
    2. Do not use the percent signs any more.
    3. That the search is case sensitive.
    4. Use "Contains" if you know part of the name
    5. Use "Starts with" if you know the beginning of the name.

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