Changes to strengthen two-factor authentication on 6-12-2023

Information Resources & Technology is rolling out additional two-factor authentication security features to help protect your Rowan NetID account following recent attacks against our environment. 

On Monday, June 12, we will be updating the way push notifications work on the Duo Mobile app to require a six-digit verification code, and you will no longer be able to verify your identity by receiving a phone call. These changes will strengthen our protections around the login process and help prevent unauthorized users from accessing your account.

Updating Duo Push to Verified Duo Push

We will be implementing a new feature called Verified Push for the Duo Mobile app on Monday, June 12. Rather than selecting “Approve” when you receive a push notification through the Duo Mobile app, you will type in a six-digit code to verify your identity when accessing most services after this feature is implemented. 

When you select Duo Push while logging in, you'll be presented with a six-digit code, as shown below. You'll then receive a notification from the Duo Mobile app, where you'll enter the six-digit code.
screenshot of verified push code screenshot showing field to enter code


Restricting Phone Call Authentication

The “Call me” option will also be disabled on Monday, June 12. This means you will no longer be able to receive a phone call to verify your identity through Duo two-factor authentication. 

If phone calls are currently your only way of authenticating with Duo, you will need to set up another verification method through before June 12 to ensure uninterrupted access to your account.  

The Duo Mobile app is the most secure option for verifying your identity, and we recommend you use it on your mobile device when logging in to Rowan applications and services. You may also use a hardware token to verify your identity or receive passcodes sent via text messages. You can submit a request for a hardware token in the Rowan Support Portal. 

Making Rowan More Secure

The cyber attacks targeting Rowan University are becoming increasingly sophisticated. In order to better protect your data and your university, we must strengthen the safeguards around the login process. These changes will help prevent accidental approvals for malicious Duo login requests, which are most often attempted on standard push approvals and via phone calls.

Thank you for helping us make Rowan University a safer place to work, learn and live. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Technology Support Center at 856-256-4400, or submit a ticket in the Rowan Support Portal. You can also get answers to common questions in our Knowledge Base and our chatbot, Ask Susan, at any time.