Adobe to end Creative Cloud Synced files service in 2024

Adobe has announced it will discontinue its Creative Cloud Synced files service next year. This service currently allows you to automatically back up files saved in your Creative Cloud Files folder to the cloud and share those files with others.  

Adobe is rolling this change out in two phases:

  • Starting February 1, 2024, Creative Cloud Synced files will be discontinued for personal accounts not associated with a company or school. For accounts tied to Rowan University, this could impact your ability to share folders and files with new users.
  • Starting October 1, 2024, the Creative Cloud desktop synchronization service and the folder and file sharing capabilities of synced files will be discontinued for company and school accounts. If you use the Creative Cloud Files folder with your Rowan University account, your files will no longer be copied to cloud storage, and shared files and folders will no longer be accessible by others inside or outside Rowan University.

All files in your Creative Cloud Files folder will remain intact. You may choose to leave your files in that folder or move them elsewhere. Adobe recommends that you sign into your account and sync the latest version of your files before October 1, 2024. 

This change will not affect your ability to directly save files as Creative Cloud Documents through Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and other applications. 

Review Adobe’s announcement on the discontinuation of this service for more information about this change. 

If you have any other questions, please contact the Technology Support Center at 856-256-4400, or submit a ticket in the Rowan Support Portal. You can also get answers to common questions in our Knowledge Base and our chatbot, Ask Susan, at any time.