Moving email for new students from Google to Microsoft

Information Resources & Technology is moving email accounts for new students from Google’s Gmail to Microsoft’s Exchange Online to provide a more unified and secure communication platform for the entire campus.

Starting on Friday, January 5, students enrolling for summer 2024 or future semesters will receive an Exchange Online account. Students whose accounts were created before that date, students who have previously had an account with Rowan University and students enrolling for spring 2024 will use Gmail throughout their time at Rowan University. This approach will allow us to gradually move the entire campus into one email platform while limiting potential disruptions for current students. 

How does this change affect students?

  • New students who enroll for summer 2024 or future semesters on or after January 5: New students will receive an Exchange Online account that ends with These students may access their email through Outlook for the web, download Outlook on their computer or install the app on their mobile device
  • Current and returning students: This change does not affect the accounts or email addresses of current and returning students. Those students will continue to access their email as they do now throughout their time at Rowan University.

Why are we making this change?

We're making this change for several reasons, including:

  • Unified experience: This change will bring Rowan University students, faculty and staff into one email and calendaring platform, making it easier to communicate and collaborate with the entire campus community.
  • Increased security: Exchange Online includes advanced security features that allow us to more quickly spot and address malicious emails and attachments.  
  • Workforce preparedness: The majority of Fortune 500 companies use Exchange Online and the Microsoft 365 suite. Students who use the platform now will be better prepared for their first job. 

When are we making this change?

This change will be implemented on January 5 and applies to new students enrolling for summer 2024 or future semesters. This change will not affect current or returning students or students joining Rowan University for the spring 2024 semester.

Can students continue to use other Google Workspace apps through Rowan?

Yes! This change will not impact access to other Google Workspace apps, like Google Drive, Google Docs and Google Calendar. 

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