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Creating an Assignment

To create an assignment go to Create Assessment > Assignment.

An assignment must have a name and a point value. Instructions, file attachments, number of attempts and a due date are optional.

To make an assignment available for students, check the box under 4) Availability. By default this box is always checked so if an assignment is not ready for student use uncheck this box or set up Limited Availability with the Display After/Until Menu.

Downloading and Grading Individual Assignments

Once an assignment has been created, a column is automatically created in the Grade Center. To navigate to the Grade Center go to Control Panel > Grade Center.  Please note that by default new columns appear on the far right of the Grade Center so you may need to scroll over to view your newest addition. To change your Grade Center layout see Organizing Your Grade Center.

You can access ungraded submissions by going to Control Panel > Grade Center > Full Grade Center or by clicking on the Assignments smart view link.

Ungraded submissions display as a green box with an ! icon.

To access submissions individually, mouse over a submission until you get the double down arrows. Click on the arrows and select View Grade Details.

The next screen lists the attempts and grade history for that student’s assignment.  Click View Attempt to access an attached file, add a grade, and add feedback within Blackboard.

Under 3) Grade Current Attempt, enter a grade, enter comments within Blackboard or upload an attachment with comments in the assignment itself.

Please note that Section 4) Instructor Notes are NOT visible to students. This tool is useful if multiple instructors/ TAs are grading assignments for a course. Do not put feedback intended for students in the Instructor Notes section.

When finished select Save as Draft to save content for later, Exit to quit without saving any changes, or Submit to enter the information into the Grade Center. Please note that Save as Draft only hides values entered into the Grade field from students. It does not hide content entered in the Comments field from students, even though Comments saved as a draft display under a message stating that the students cannot see them. We recommend that instructors only use Save as Draft to save Grades and not Comments to keep their in-progress grading private.

Downloading Multiple Assignments

To download multiple submissions mouse over the column name and then click on the double down arrows and select Assignment File Download.  

Check off as many submissions as needed and click Submit to package and download them.  

On the following screen click on the link for Download Assignments Now to download the files. Do not click on OK or you will navigate away from the download page without the files.

Clearing an Assignment Attempt

In the event that an assignment needs to be resubmitted and only one submission is permitted by the assignment settings, you will need to clear the previous attempt in order for the student to resubmit.

Go to the submission in question and click the double down arrows and select Grade Details. Then under Attempts select Clear Attempt. You will receive a prompt asking if you want to delete the attempt. Click OK and the submission will be deleted. The Grade History section however will keep a record that this was done although the submission itself was deleted.

Allowing an Additional Attempt

In the case of multiple drafts for one assignment or a problem with a previous submission, you can allow a student to submit  an additional attempt using the assignment submission tool, this just needs to be enabled via the Grade Center.

Go to the student’s cell for that assignment in the Grade Center. Click on the double down arrows next to it and select View Grade Details.

On the next screen click on Allow Additional Attempt. A box will ask you if you want to "create another attempt for this user," click OK. Then this student can send in another document without the previous submission being cleared.

Creating and Grading a Group Assignment

Blackboard now has the capability to accept one submission for a group project and then auto-add an assignment grade for all members of the group.

To do this first groups must be created for the course site.  To create groups go to Control Panel > Users and Groups > Groups and select Create Single Group> Manual Enroll to add a group or Create Group Sets > Manual Enroll to make several groups.

On the next screen you can give the group a name and then enable the tools for their group space under 2) Tool Availability. Under 4) Membership select which users to include by highlighting them and selecting the arrows to move them to the Selected Users box. When finished click Submit.  

Group grading then must be selected when creating the assignment. In the Create Assignment Menu scroll down to 6) Recipients select Groups of Students from the menu and then highlight the group(s) and use the arrows to move them over to the Selected Items section and click Submit.

Only one student in the group needs to submit the assignment. Then it will auto-submit for all those in the group. When you open the assignment and assign a grade to one submission it will copy over in the Grade Center to all other group members.