The new version of MAC OS X, 10.10 (Yosemite) is expected to be released today, Thursday October 16th, and is currently incompatible with the ClearPass registration system and potentially other services at Rowan.

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Rowan University’s IRT department would like to introduce students, faculty and staff to our new IT service management software, ServiceNow. This service management platform will allow Information Resources & Technology to provide all of our users with faster, more efficient technical support.

All users will still be able to directly email specific support groups across our campuses, and will continue to be a primary method of requesting technical support along with logging into the web portal.


Log into the ServiceNow IRT Support Portal

Once logged in, you can get help, check the status of an incident or request, submit an incident or request and search the knowledge base.

Click Get Help and you can then open an incident by selecting "Report an Issue," or Ask a Question.

If you click "Report an Issue" you will be presented with the following form:

Fill in the form, click Submit and an incident will be created for you.

You can check the status of your incident at any time by selecting it on the homepage under "My Open Incidents"

You can see when your incident was last updated, add a comment to the incident or upload an attachment.

To order new hardware click "Request Something" from the homepage.

Once you have submitted your request, you can check it's status by selecting it from the homepage under "My Requests"

You can also search the knowledge base by typing your search terms into the main search bar on the homepage, or clicking "Knowledge Base"


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