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Creating a Survey

Surveys are anonymous confidential assessments that students can take in Blackboard. Credit can be given for completing surveys but there is no way to tie a student to his or her responses.

Surveys are set up and function exactly like tests. To create a survey go to Control Panel > Course Tools > Tests, Surveys and Pools > Surveys  

In the survey manager you have the option to Build Survey or Import Survey. Due to the file formatting issues of using Import Survey, we recommend using Build Survey.

Select Build Survey. Give your survey a name (required) and description (optional) or instructions (optional) and click Submit.

In the Survey Canvas you will be given the options to Create Question, Reuse Question or Upload Questions.

Create Question lets you select from all available question types like a test. If you have already created questions you would like to use select Reuse Question and then either pull from a block, pool or previously created survey.

When you create a survey, it creates a column in the Grade Center. You can either use this to keep track of who has taken the survey or add a value for completion. To add points go to Control Panel > Grade Center and navigate to the column for the survey. Completed surveys display as a green check mark.

Deploying a Survey

When the survey is ready to be deployed for students, go to the Content Area where you would like the test to be added.  Click on Create Assessment > Survey.
Under the Add Survey menu select the Survey you previously created and click Submit. 

Then follow the same steps as you would for deploying a Test.  
Giving Credit for Completing Surveys

Click on the double down arrows next to the survey name.  In the next menu select Edit Column Information.
Under Primary Display you must keep it set as complete/incomplete.  This display cannot be changed since surveys are given based on completion not on the answers actually given. Choosing another display will result in a zero appearing as the grade regardless of whether the student has completed the survey or not.  

Under Points Possible you can enter a value for completion. The student’s scores will still display as a green check in the Grade Center but you can add the Survey points into a weighted column or total grade for the course.

Viewing Survey Results

To view the complete results of a Survey go to the column for the survey in the grade center. Click on the double down arrows next to the Survey name and select Download Results.

On the Download Results menu the default for the format is Tab and By User and Valid Attempts are the included data. You do not need to adjust these selections. Select Click to Download Results.  You can select to open this file with Microsoft Excel using the Open With tool on your computer and then view/save the file in this format.

Survey results can also be viewed by question with a breakdown of percentages for each answer. To do this go to Control Panel > Grade Center click on the double down arrows next to the Survey name and select Attempt Statistics. This will display a screen with all the survey questions with the percent answered for each response.