Get remote access to software for online learning

The shift to online learning due to the COVID-19 crisis may be presenting you with a number of challenges, but remotely accessing in-demand software doesn’t have to be one of them.

There are several ways for Rowan University students to access programs you need for creating graphics, making presentations, compiling reports and completing other tasks. 

Learn how to access frequently-used resources below, and for more information about the resources you can access while off-campus, please visit our Learning Remotely page and check out our FAQs for students

Academic Virtual Desktop

The Academic Virtual Desktop in Citrix gives you access to all of the programs you’d have in a standard computer lab on campus from your own device. In the Academic Virtual Desktop, you’ll find specialized applications, such as ArcGIS, Comsol, Mathematica and SPSS, as well as more common programs, like the Microsoft Office suite and Adobe Creative Cloud applications.

For more information about using the Academic Virtual Desktop, see our article on virtual desktops and applications


Microsoft Office

While Google Drive offers many of the same capabilities as the applications that make up the Microsoft Office suite (and provides you with unlimited storage space), you may still need access to Word, PowerPoint, Excel or another Microsoft product. 

You can download the full Office suite on your personal computer for free from Visit our software page for more information 

As noted above, the Microsoft Office suite is also available in the Academic Virtual Desktop. 


Adobe Creative Suite

The Adobe Creative Suite is a powerful set of applications for getting creative work done. 

During this global health emergency, Adobe is providing temporary at-home access to Creative Cloud desktop applications, like Photoshop, InDesign and Premiere Pro for Rowan University students. See our article on accessing Creative Cloud applications on a personal device for more information.  

As noted above, the Adobe Creative Suite is also available in the Academic Virtual Desktop. 


Request Help 

If you have any questions or need help accessing a program, please contact the Technology Support Center at 856-256-4400, or submit a ticket in the IRT Support Portal