Our Services

Our Services

Our Services

We provide a number of services to the Rowan University community from developing data dashboards to managing wireless networks. If you don't see the service you are looking for here, please log in to support.rowan.edu and click Get Help.

Accounts & Passwords

What's your Network username and password? Do you know your Banner ID and PIN? Learn more about your Rowan University accounts.


Banner is Rowan University’s system of record. The system is used to register for classes, enter time sheets and complete other tasks.

Blackboard & Canvas

Rowan University uses Blackboard and Canvas to provide interactive learning and teaching spaces for students and faculty.

Classrooms & Computer Labs

Find out where on Rowan University's campuses you can get access to an open computer lab or book a technology-enhanced classroom.

Clinical Systems

Learn more about our support and development of clinical applications for Rowan Medicine, RowanSOM's faculty practice plan.

Data Analytics & Reporting

Get access to data about the University, including information on student enrollment, student satisfaction and graduation rates.


Employees and medical students receive Exchange accounts, while Glassboro students receive Rowan Gmail accounts. Check your email.

File Storage & Sharing

Where can you store and share documents at Rowan University? Learn more about Google Drive, the Home Directory and Openarea.

Multimedia Services

Find out more about lecture capture across all of our campuses, as well as Rowan University's video portal and other multimedia services.

Networking & Wireless

Want to connect a smart TV to the internet? Trying to check your email on a tablet? Learn how to get your device online at Rowan University.

Phones, Voicemail & Videoconferencing

Get details on how to use a Rowan University desk phone, and learn how to easily connect with colleagues on other campuses.


Students and employees may print directly from an on-campus computer lab or send a print job from their own computer or mobile device.

Purchasing & Projects

Find out more about purchasing technology at Rowan University and collaborating with us on technology-related projects.

Server Hosting

Get details on the Rowan University Computational Cluster (RUCC), the University's research computing platform.


Download software, like Office 365 and Citrix, that is available to students and employees for free for personal use.


Review our survey calendar, add your survey to the calendar and learn more about Qualtrics, the official Rowan University survey tool.


Get access to an extensive lineup of channels, including HBO and more, through cable TV or Stream2, an online streaming service.


Take a class. Watch a video. Review a quick-reference guide. Learn more about the other training opportunities we offer.