Training Resources

Training Resources

Training Resources

Our Training Services team produces training manuals, videos and quick-reference guides to help you navigate University applications and learn at your own pace.


Banner Finance

Topic Training Resources
General Reference

Finance User Manual for Administrative Pages
Finance User Manual for Self-Service Banner
Navigating Banner: Quick Reference Guide

Budgets Quick Reference Guide

Quick Reference Guide
Video: Enter a Requisition
Video: Delete an Incomplete Requisition
Tip: Commodity Records Exist Error


Quick Reference Guide
Video: Receiving
Video: Delete an Incomplete Receiving

Other Helpful Documents

Requisition to Check ("Req to Check") Process Explained
Rule Class Codes
Office Depot Directions
Searching for Vendor Information on Updated FTIIDEN Screen
Updated FTIIDEN Screen: Quick Reference Guide
Video: How to Place an Amazon Business Order

2018 Finance Division Training Presentations

Budget Apocalypse Boot Camp: Skills, Thrills, and How to Pay the Bills
Banner Receiving and End of Year Cut Off Dates 
Beyond Banner Basics 
Did you know you can do that in Self-Service Banner?


Self-Service Banner: Students & Faculty

Topic Training Resources
Student Registration

Quick Reference Guide
Registration Video
Section Tally Video

Faculty and Advisory

User Manual
Online Graduation Evaluation
Faculty Grade Entry (Banner 9)
Attendance Verification (Banner 9)
Class Lists and Wait Lists
Faculty Services Dashboard
SGAADVR: Multiple Advisors in Administrative Pages (Banner 9)


Other Applications


Training Resources

Blackboard: Glassboro

Quick Tip Videos 
More Information



Quick Reference Guide
Online Cascade Documentation

Cisco Phones

Getting Started Guide


User Manual
Query Studio: Training Manual



User Manual
Employee Special Contracts

Special Assignment Payment Form: Quick Reference Guide
Special Assignment Payment Form: Video


EPAF/Student Employment

Student Special Project Form: Quick Reference Guide
Student Special Project Form: Video
More Student EPAF Information


Google Drive and Docs

Docs and Drive User Manual
Docs and Drive Video
Teams and Forms User Manual
Rowan Acceptable Google Apps Usage
Switch/Manage Multiple Google Accounts


User Manual 

Log in to
Frequently Asked Questions
Support Portal
System Requirements 
Video: How to Use
Microsoft Office 2013  Microsoft Office 2013: Training Resources
PageUp Online Training Materials
Poll Everywhere

Student Guide
General Presenter Guide
Faculty Blackboard Guide
PowerPoint: Introduction to Poll Everywhere
Video: Introducing Poll Everywhere
Poll Everywhere Tips
More Information



User Manual
Quick Reference Guide
Video: Skip Logic
Video: Display Logic
More Information



Online Training Materials

Rowan Daily Mail/Rowan Announcer

Quick Reference Guide
Video: Approve a Rowan Announcer
Recorded Training Class


Video: Census Enrollment Summary Dashboard
Web-Time Entry Recorded Training Class
More Information