Rowan University offers television to residential students through cable TV and Stream2, an online streaming service.

Students have access to an extensive lineup of channels through either cable TV or Stream2, including HBO, AMC, IFC, ESPN, BBC America, CNN and more.  Whether you want to watch the latest episode of a hit television show in your room or stream a baseball game from your phone in-between classes, we've got you covered. 



Register for an Account

On-campus students may register for a Stream2 account using their Rowan University email address. Visit to register.

Watch on Computer

To watch television on a computer, follow the instructions for your operating system:

Download the Stream2 App


Cable TV

Students who want to connect a television via cable will need a cable-ready television with a QAM tuner, manufacturer's instructions for the television and a coaxial cable. 

Visit our Knowledge Base for instructions on how to connect your television