Phishing & Other Scams

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Phishing & Other Scams

How to Spot a Phishing Scam

Don't be the catch of the day! Fortify your online safety net, and protect your personal information and hard-earned money, by learning how to spot a scam using our tips below. 

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10 Tips to Avoid Scams

Scams come in many different forms. Use these 10 tips to avoid scams of all kinds.

Job Offer Scams

Did you receive a job offer that claims to pay good money for a few hours of work? It's likely a scam.

Check Deposit Scams

Keep an eye out for scams that ask you to deposit checks into personal accounts as part of a job offer.

Unemployment Fraud

Take these steps if you receive a notice for unemployment benefits and you have not filed a claim.

DEA Calls

Criminals posing as federal agents may accuse medical professionals of drug law violations.

Sextortion Scams

These scams demand payment to prevent the release of supposed compromising videos.

Gift Card Scam

This scams asks you to buy gift cards for someone who promises to pay you back. They won't.