Accounts & Access

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Accounts & Access

Accounts & Access

The services we offer in this category include ones that provide key Rowan University accounts, allow employees to remotely connect to Windows workstations and give the ability manage physical and virtual access for affiliates online, among others.

Managing Access for Rowan Affiliates

Request physical and virtual access to campus spaces for vendors and other affiliates. This service is for faculty and staff. 

Remote Connections to Windows Workstations

Remotely access a Rowan-managed Windows desktop computer from on- or off-campus. This service is for faculty and staff.

Rowan Identity Management System (RIMS)

Manage employee access to physical and virtual spaces at Rowan University. This service is for faculty and staff. 

Rowan Network & Banner Accounts

Connect to most digital resources on campus with these two accounts. This service is for faculty, staff, students and affiliates.