Rowan Identity Management System

  • Bunce Hall on Glassboro campus of Rowan University

Rowan Identity Management System

Rowan Identity Management System (RIMS)

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For: Faculty, Staff

Access: Log in to RIMSHelpful Resources:
• Get answers to frequently asked questions about RIMS. 
• Use RIMS organizations to grant access to electronic systems. 
• Create custom organizational charts with RIMS data. 

What Do I Get? 

This service provides supervisors with the ability to manage the security clearance of their direct reports in a secure and auditable way.

With the Rowan Identity Management System (RIMS), supervisors directly control who has access to physical and virtual spaces at Rowan University by managing and authenticating individual identities.

Why Do I Want It? 

RIMS cuts down the turnaround time for access to systems and spaces and streamlines the onboarding process for employees.

Who Can Get It?

This service is available to faculty and staff.

How Do I Request It?

All Rowan University faculty and staff have access to RIMS as soon as their Rowan Network account has been provisioned.

How Can I Access It?

Log in to RIMS

How Do I Get Help With It After I Have It?

If you have any questions, please contact the Technology Support Center at 856-256-4400.  You can also submit a request in the Rowan Support Portal.