Distribution Lists

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Distribution Lists

Distribution Lists

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For: Faculty, Staff, Students, but availability varies by list type

Access: Varies by list type; see below for details

Availability: 24/7/365

Helpful Resources:
Create custom mailing lists with Sympa (employees and students). 
Send emails to employee groups using RIMS (employees only). 
Email students by major, minor, etc. (employees only).
Get answers to common questions about the Rowan Announcer.

What Do I Get? 

This service provides access to automated email distribution lists that target specific populations of students and employees based on roles and/or locations, as well as access to build a custom distribution list.

Why Do I Want It? 

Email distribution lists allow messages to be targeted to specific populations within Rowan University, so communications can be directly received by members of the University community who may be interested in the subject matter. 

Who Can Get It?

This service is available to all Rowan University faculty, staff and students, though availability varies by email distribution list type. 

How Do I Request It?

Depending on your role at Rowan University, you will automatically have access to certain types of email distribution lists and email distribution list software. See below for information about sending messages to those lists and accessing that software. 

Employees may also want to request an email distribution group in Exchange. An Exchange email distribution group, which is sometimes referred to as an alias, forwards copies of emails sent to the group address to one or more users. Requests take up to three business days to complete. 

How Can I Access It?

Automated Email Distribution Lists (Employees Only)

Rowan Identity Management System

The Rowan Identity Management System (RIMS) provides several options for employees to email groups of employees and student workers. To access these lists, log in to RIMS and look up the organization you want to contact. 

For more information, see our article on using organizations to grant access with RIMS

Student-Directed Mailing Lists

Employees may send targeted messages to students based on a number of attributes, such as enrollment in a particular course or major.

For more information about sending targeted messages to students, see our article on student-directed mailing lists

Rowan Announcer/Rowan Daily Mail

The Rowan Announcer, also known as the Rowan Daily Mail, allows employees to send messages to the University community.

Review our frequently asked questions for more information about submitting and approving messages for distribution in the Rowan Announcer. 

Custom Email Distribution Lists

Rowan Mailing Lists Service (Students and Employees)

The Rowan Mailing Lists Service powered by Sympa allows students and employees to create custom mailing lists. Log in to Sympa to get started.  

For more information, see our article on Sympa Mailing Lists

Exchange Distribution Groups (Employees Only)

An Exchange email distribution group, which is sometimes referred to as an alias, forwards copies of emails sent to the group address to one or more users. After your request for an Exchange distribution group has been completed, you’ll access email sent to that group as you would email sent directly to your Rowan University account

How Do I Get Help With It After I Have It?

If you have any questions, please contact the Technology Support Center at 856-256-4400. You can also submit your question in the Rowan Support Portal.

The Technology Support Center aims to address all support requests within one business day. If the Technology Support Center cannot resolve your issue, it will take up to three more business days to receive a response to your support request for this service.