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Project Management

Project Management Office

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We're here to help you initiate and plan your project. Call 856-256-4400 and select option 4, or email, if you have any questions. 

Who We Are

The Project Management Office (PMO) is part of Rowan University's Division of Information Resources & Technology (IRT) and manages Rowan's active project portfolio and feasibility study requests. Our team of skilled project managers leads a diverse portfolio of projects and ensures that both technology and business requests are implemented using consistent processes, methodologies and project management tools.

What We Do

"Empowering Organizational Excellence Through Strategic Guidance and Collaboration"

We're committed to fostering excellence within Rowan University by providing strategic guidance and promoting collaboration to ensure the successful execution of projects and the achievement of overarching business objectives.

The PMO's goal is to complete projects through:

  • Meeting business objectives
  • Collaborating and partnering with internal and external entities
  • Prioritizing projects that align with organizational goals
  • Delivering the right product and services at the right time
  • Managing project constraints, such as scope, cost and time

Request Project

Are you ready to pursue a project in partnership with us? Fill out the Project Request Form. Project requests without dedicated funding will not be approved. 

Request Feasibility Study

Do you have an idea that will require IT support, implementation, and/or integration with Rowan's systems? Request a feasibility study to vet your idea for project consideration.

Review FAQs

Want to learn more about how we initate, plan and manage projects for Rowan University? Review our frequently asked questions for more information.