Laptop Buying Guide

Laptop Buying Guide

Laptop Buying Guide

Recommended Minimum Laptop Specifications for Students*

laptop icon• Intel Core i7 processor (Mac or Windows), M1 processor (Mac) or AMD Ryzen 7 processor (Windows)
• 512GB solid state drive
• 16GB RAM

*Graduate students performing research should check with their faculty advisor before buying a laptop. Engineering and business students should follow their college-specific laptop specifications. 

We recommend all students come to campus with a new, name-brand laptop.

Picking the best laptop for you will depend on your major and personal preferences. You should contact your department of study or academic advisor to determine whether you need to purchase a laptop with specific requirements.

For tips on purchasing a specific laptop, see below:

College-Specific Laptop Information

Engineering Students

The Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering requires incoming students to bring a laptop to campus. Please visit the College of Engineering's website for current laptop recommendations

Business Students

The William G. Rohrer College of Business requires incoming students to bring a laptop to campus. Students should purchase a laptop that meets or exceeds the recommended minimum laptop specifications shown above.

A Windows-based laptop is strongly recommended, as most of the software used in business courses are designed to run on this platform. However, owners of Macs can access the same software available for Windows users through virtual desktops.

RowanSOM Students

Medical students at RowanSOM are provided a laptop at orientation. See our RowanSOM laptop page for more information